Monday, February 8, 2016

Holy Adventure--Lenten Study

I am going to use a book entitled, "Holy Adventure" by Bruce G. Epperly as my devotional book for Lent this year.  It has devotions given for 41 days so it is just right for Lent and for sharing thoughts about Lent.  I am going to share each day's thoughts on this blog so if you want to use it as part of your Lenten devotional material, please check back each day and you can read what I have shared from this book.

Today and tomorrow, I will share some from the introductory chapters that precede the 41 devotions he gives.  He sets the stage for the rest of the book with these chapters and helps prepare us for the remainder of the book.

Many of us have played games, either in books or in board games or on the computer that were "Choose Your Own Adventure" in format.  Years ago when I was a teacher, and computers were just beginning to be created for individual use, the school where I worked purchased a Commodore Computer that used cassette tapes for input into it.  We would put on the "Oregon Trail" game and my students would play it to make believe that they were traveling over the Oregon Trail in a wagon train.  They had to make decisions as if they were part of the traveling group and each decision would lead them on a path where other decisions were necessary.  It was a great game to teach logic, decision making, and geography, which was part of the social studies class I was teaching.

The author of our book, whom we will call Bruce, trying not to be too familiar but it is easier to type than Rev. Epperly each time I use it, begins with such an idea, that we choose our adventure as we go through life daily.  He uses stories from the Bible to illustrate his points and at this point he directs our attention to good ole Abraham and Sarah, the first travelers called to follow the God of Israel.  Abraham heard the voice of God telling him to go and he went, not knowing where he was going at  all.  "When we pause to listen and take the first steps on God's adventurous path, everything changes!", Bruce says.  We all are on the adventure of a lifetime and God invites us to travel with God as our holy companion.

Bruce asks these questions for reflection which would be good for all Lenten travelers to consider:
1. What restlessness of spirit awakens you at night?
2. What dreams in your life are still unfulfilled?
3. What ideals can you reclaim that you have sacrificed for comfort or success?
4. What seeds of new life lie dormant beneath the busyness of your everyday tasks?
5. If you were to claim an adventure in companionship with God's holy adventure right now, where might it take you?

Think about these questions and if any of them can be answered in your mind or spirit, think about how God might speak to you about your life and goals and plans for the future.

Read Genesis 12: 1-9 and reflect upon God's call to Abram and how God is calling you for your future.

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