Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Where Do You Find Your Source of Strength?

"In the morning, while it was still very dark, he got up and went out to a deserted place, and there he prayed..." (Mark 1:35)

This week's Gospel lesson finds Jesus and his disciples very involved in ministry--healing those who were ill, curing diseases, casting out demons, being surrounded by needy people, right and left.  Jesus' humanness left him tired from all the demands on his time and talents and he needed rest and renewal.  So, Jesus went out to a deserted place alone to pray.  Jesus needed a time of solitude to recharge his batteries after so many drained him of all the strength he seemed to have. 

Our lives are usually a mixture of busyness and quiet time.  We need both in our lives.  Some of us need one or the other more than others do but all of us need times to be away from the demands on our time and our talents so we can recharge our physical, emotional, and spiritual batteries. 

I love to travel and going to different places, meeting new people, seeing new things brings me new energy.  When I seem to feel the most weary, if I can get away for a while I seem to find new energy and vitality. 

Jesus went alone to a deserted place to pray.  He needed both facets of that...being alone in a place by himself and to pray.  Jesus could have just gone to a place and been alone.  But he needed to talk to God too.  He received the strength to continue his ministry among the masses of hurting and sick people and he received that strength by talking to God and receiving new direction and guidance for life. 

We too need times to receive new strength--emotional, physical, spiritual strength.  We need to talk to God and allow God to minister to us and to bring us new life as we try to be in ministry to others around us.  We are not enough in ourselves.  We need God to give us what we need so we can pass it on to others who are also in need.