Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day 8 of Lent: You Are Created in God's Image

In Genesis 1, the first Creation story, each time that God created something, God called it good.  As God created the animals, each one was good.  Then when humans came to be, humans were called good also.  We have been created in God's image.  We have been created to be adventurers in God's holy adventure, celebrating and guiding our planet's evolution.  Like the God who gave us birth, we experience the fullness of our calling in partnership with the created world.

The Genesis vision of the image of God is purposely vague.  We are invited to celebrate and explore our unique gifts and qualities as human beings.  No one definition of the divine image is complete or final.  Our whole bodies, minds, spirits, relationships, and communities reflect God's constant and loving artistry.  "We live and move and have our being."  (Acts 17:28)  We are reflections of divine wisdom, creativity, and holiness.

We are reflections of God's intimate care and loving presence.  God's image is not restricted to a certain health condition, body shape, or intelligence.  We reflect God's Spirit as it dwells in us and gives us energy to serve God and our neighbors.

See yourself in a new light, and claim your identity as God's beloved child of love and light.  Say to yourself:
I am created in God's image.
Others are also created in God's image.
My life reveals God's light and love.
I experience God's light and love in others and in particular aspects of my life.

O God of Light, whose love brings forth universes, galaxies, and this earth, shine brightly in my heart.  Let your light shine in me with passion and creativity.  Let your vision transform my vision and liberate my imagination of the new world that we are creating together with your grace.  Amen.

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