Saturday, February 13, 2016

Day 4 of Lent: We Are All Part of God's Holy Adventure

The whole universe reflects the subtle and constant creativity of God.  God gives us space to create, even as God creates within and alongside us.  You life has a place in God's vision of the universe.  Your life is not determined fully by God or anyone else, but neither is it random or accidental.  Within each moment of your life is a dream that arises from the interplay of many factors, including your decisions, your family of origin, the environment and culture in which you live, and many other influences.  God is at work to give you a vision of what this moment can most fully be.  God has many dreams for your life, and each dream is lived out one moment at a time.

Every moment is the right moment for personal transformation.  In every moment, God weaves together persons and possibilities to create a world of beauty and meaning.

Queen Esther found the courage to act on behalf of her people who were doomed to death by the question--"Who knows if you were not chosen for such a time as this?"  And she was chosen to be the one person who could use her abilities to save the lives of her people.

Who knows if YOU are not chosen for such a time to act on behalf of others in our world, to bring about justice and peace?

Divine wisdom is at work in your life right now.
Divine creativity is at work in your life right now.
You can experience divine guides in your situations of life.
You can awaken to divine inspiration in your moments and encounters.

For just such a time as this, O God, give us vision and courage to live your dream for our lives.  Let us be bold and adventurous in action.  Let us speak for justice and act of healing for just such a time as this.  Amen.

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