Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 13 of Lent: You Are Meant to Grow as God's Beloved Child

Stories of faith inspire us.  We are inspired by the stories in the Bible.  Yes, the commandments, counsels, affirmations are all very important but the stories teach lessons that we remember because they involve humans and are part of the human story.  As we place ourselves in the stories from the Bible that we hear, we realize that despite our human limitations we have hope because we are children of God.

We are beneficiaries of God's divine wisdom distributed to us by others who have learned and shared what they have learned as they have served and sought God over the centuries.  The wisdom of saints and popes and missionaries and common folk such as you and me have enriched our lives and taught us what it means to be children of God.  We are always in process, always on a journey, always finding new meaning to life because of our discoveries.

God calls us to deeper and abundant life.  Moment by moment, God gives us a dream and the inner passion and imagination to make the dream come true.  We are lured by our imaginations to look beyond the familiar world we know and find the truth that is hidden in the small and wondrous things of life.

God created us to grow and love and evolve so that we can see the world in new and surprising ways.  We are partners in God's holy adventure for us and we can claim the adventure as our own, building on the dreams God gives us.

Say to yourself:
I am constantly growing in faith and insight.
With God's help, I have energy and insight to respond to any problem.
Behind every failure, God has placed a new dream for me.
God inspires me with new possibilities.

O God, you call us to venture into deeper waters.  Help us let go of the past that we might create with you the dream of tomorrow and the hopes for the future.  Let your love flow in and through us to give birth to the dreams that await our commitment to bring them forth.  Amen.

(Ideas taken from Holy Adventure by Bruce G. Epperly)

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