Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 5 of Lent: God Constantly Inspires Us

Divine inspiration takes many forms.  We are inspired by God daily and constantly.  Every breath is a Pentecost moment in which you and God are prayerfully healing the universe.

The apostle Paul described God's Spirit in terms of "sighs too deep for words" in Romans 8:26.  Deep within the unconscious, God moved within our lives, quietly inspiring us to become partners in personal and global transformation.  God's spirit shows up everywhere, sometimes dramatically but most often in terms of subtle spiritual whispers.

God is inspiring you with every breath.
God inspires you as you inhale life giving energy.
God is inspiring you in each life situation.
God is inspiring you in your work situation.

Breathe on us, divine Spirit, and give us new life.  Breathe in us, Holy Spirit, and inspire us with wisdom and beauty.  Breathe in us in every breath, so that we will know life in abundance and share life in its wonder.  Amen.

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