Saturday, March 19, 2016

Day 31 of Lent: We Share in God's Healing

"If I but touch his clothes, I will be made well..." (Mark 5:28)

Jesus the Healer transformed persons' lives by touching and by being touched.  Jesus touched the outcasts, the lepers, those who were maligned by society of his day.  Jesus transformed their lives by his healing touch.

Today, at a time when we are highly conscious of the importance of safe touch, we are also discovering the power of appropriate and welcome touch to heal body, mind, and spirit.  Jesus' healing touch is being rediscovered in light of the growing influence of complementary medicine in the Western World.  It is no coincidence that Christians and non-Christians alike experience greater spiritual and physical wholeness through practices such as healing touch, therapeutic touch, and massage therapy.

In our high tech times, we must balance the necessary separateness of the modern world with the intimate touch of appropriate healing through interaction with others.  Our hands as well as our hearts and minds are God's intention to promote the well being of others.  Healing energy flowed from Jesus' hands and it also flows from our lives when we commit ourselves to be God's instruments of healing and wholeness.

Think about these things:
I mediate God's healing touch in every encounter.
I touch only when appropriate and helpful to others.
I touch with love and healing.
I protect others from unhealthy touch.

Healing God, we are open to your touch.  Awaken us to places where we have chosen disease rather than health, distress rather than peace, busyness rather than calm.  Inspire us to live fully, healthfully, and lovingly.  Let every touch bring life and hope and healing as as we journey with your son, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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