Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sabbatical Journal, Day Two


            Fog had set in overnight.  The tide was out and the little boats sat in the mud once again.  The fog comes in waves and cycles, giving you the impression that soon it will clear.  The sun is barely visible through the clouds and you can see the fog seem to want to disappear, only to roll back in with another wave of mist.  The fog seems to descend from above and move with a motion instead of simply being there as we have back home.  The fog covers everything and at times we could not see the small harbor in front of us because of the denseness of the fog.  We could hear the sea birds but not see them. 
            A family of pheasants scurried by, three to four babies and the mother close by them and the larger male with a green head and a white ring around his neck.  He went off into the brush, leaving all of them to fend for themselves.  Of course, he may have been trying to attract our attention so that we could not notice his little family as they also took to the brush to hide and look for breakfast. 
            We had coffee on the porch to meet the morning even though we could see little of the scenery around us.    The day felt lazy, perhaps getting rested from the long journey we made to get here.  We did little for half the day and then after lunch drove over to Annapolis Royal to walk around and see if we could pick up the Wi-Fi from a business, which we did.  The cottage has no Wi-Fi as well as no television and a radio that picks up several stations in English as well as French.  We can do without television fairly easily but it would be good to hear the weather forecast now and then.  So, we found Wi-Fi that a restaurant provides and it could be picked up even out in a park near it. 
            We walked a boardwalk near the water and looked around town a bit and then drove back to the Cove where it was noticeably cooler than it had been in Annapolis Royal.  It is interesting how just driving 6 miles from the two places you can feel the change in the weather.  It was in the low 60s when we left Parker’s Cove and it was around 75 in Annapolis Royal, just 6 miles away.  It has something to do with there being a mountain to cross between the two places.  It may have to do with our being near the ocean here and in a pocket between mountains and ocean.  In any case, it is very comfortable here with cool breezes off the ocean. 
            Scallops….how we love them.  We had them again for supper today.  Pan fried with some potatoes and a salad with them, again.  We may tire of them before we leave but as of now, we crave them each time we can have them.  The cost of scallops is so reasonable in comparison to what we pay in Austin when we buy them.  We paid $6.99 a pound yesterday for medium size scallops and in Austin the large ones cost $25.99 a pound if you can find them.  Even the large ones here are half the price of the large back home.  Maybe that has something to with why we eat so many when we are here….you have to enjoy them while you can when the price is right. 

            We saw a lobster boat come into the cove today to be unloaded by a truck sent from the seafood sales shop across from the wharf.  We watched it come into the cove since the high tide was in place and thought they would unload a boat load of lobster only to find that the lobster traps they unloaded were empty.   The boat crew as well as the land crew sent by the seafood company worked for hours to unload the empty traps and other equipment.  All we can guess is that the boat crew did a job for the company here and used their equipment but took the lobsters elsewhere and now they were returning the equipment for storage.  We watched their progress in the afternoon until we tired of it and found other things to do.  

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