Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sabbatical Journal, Day Fourteen


            What a relaxing, enjoyable day it has been today!  We began, as usual, with having coffee on the porch looking out over the Bay of Fundy and the wharf at Parker’s Cove.  We had just settled in looking at the beauty of the scene before us when suddenly we spotted something in the water beyond the rocks that separate the land from the sea.  It was not a seabird.  It was something much larger, something that lurched and splashed in the water, causing slight waves of its own.  Looking carefully through the binoculars each time it surfaced, we finally could make out that it was a seal or sea lion or some sort.  It did not stay visible long each time, on a few seconds, and then was back under for ten seconds or more, popping up a bit farther away from the place where it had submerged earlier. 
            We were very intrigued and excited by this new discovery and tried to keep an eye on this sea creature as it came nearer to the shore for a while and then began to go farther out until we could no longer find him.  We got very excited at one time, thinking we were seeing more of it when we discovered that it was only a group of rocks being uncovered by the low tide moving out to sea.  The sea visitor disappeared from view and we did not see him again but it was an exciting discovery while it lasted. 
            After breakfast, we went into Annapolis Royal for the Saturday Market Day as we did last Saturday.  The town was even more crowded than last week because it was also the weekend for an art festival called “Arts Unleashed”.  This weekend begins a weeklong series of events centered on the arts and artists were stationed around the town painting or sketching so that people could come up and watch them and visit with them.  Our neighbor next to us is an artist and she was participating in this event so we wanted to see if we could locate her and see what she was painting.  Sadly, we could not find her and no one seemed to know where she would be. 
            The market was crowded with many people looking at the booths set up to display fruit and vegetables grown in this area and crafts that are made locally that were for sale.  Many people bring their dogs and walk around so we fit right in with Bo.  Bo was very good, mostly looking at everyone and only barking occasionally at dogs that he thought were menacing.  There are also booths that sell prepared foods so we decided to eat breakfast there and before long had a potato pancake to enjoy, sitting on a bench.  Then, we found an apricot Danish, spinach turnovers filled with feta cheese and spinach, and fresh coffee.  We only bought some tomatoes but enjoyed walking and looking and being out in the community.
            We returned to Parker’s Cove after that and had some lunch and then enjoyed a quiet afternoon that involved reading and nap taking.  Soon, we set out again to drive down the coast road that runs just in front of our cottage and the wharf.  It is called Shore Road and runs along the coast between Annapolis Royal and Bridgetown, which is just to the north of here.  Small communities line the coast with names that usually match the roads that go across the mountains.  Parker’s Cove, for example, has Parker Mountain Road going out of it across the mountain to the main highway that takes us to Annapolis Royal.  We decided to drive down the road that connects the various Coves that are at the edge of the Bay of Fundy. 
            It was a wonderful drive on a lovely day that we thought was very much like an autumn day in Texas.  The temperature was about 66 degrees and the sun was shining brightly.  Puffy cumulus clouds were in the sky here and there and the sky was a dark blue.  The hills are very green because of all the rain this region receives and the contrast between the color of the hills and the sky was stunning.  We drove along and stopped at little trails that run down to rocky beaches, first Young’s Cove Trail and then Hampden Cove Trail, each revealing a beach with waves splashing and smashing on the shore due to high tide.  We gathered rocks at one of them and talked with a woman whose family was walking along the beach also.  Her young daughter had seen Bo and wanted to pet him so we lowered him down for her to see.  Bo is always gentle with children and the little girl gently and carefully petted Bo on his head and back. 
            The woman told us that we could find small shells called Periwinkles on the beach at low tide.  She showed us one that she had in her pocket and it looked like a snail shell of sorts, very small and fragile.  She also told us that they collect “sea glass” which she described as pieces of glass that the waves and sand has polished so that they are not sharp.  We said we would return at low tide one day to look for these things. 
            We rode on down the Shore Road, which goes from being a very well maintained road to one with many pot holes and bumps in it.  We drove slower because of that problem, wanting to avoid all of the pot holes we can because when you hit one it feels like your car is coming apart.  The area is largely wooded but here and there would be openings where we could see the ocean in the distance and again the colors were astounding. 
            The road soon led us across the mountain and into farm country, with farms here and there that produce a variety of products and cattle on many dairy farms.  This area was beautiful with lush green grass and tree lined fields.  It was very relaxing just driving through the countryside and looking at these pleasant scenes. 
            Soon, we were at the small town of Laurencetown.  It is not as large as Annapolis Royal but the county fair was being held there today and there were automobiles parked everywhere.  We drove by the fairgrounds which is on the main highway and could see the rides from the small midway and the buildings that housed exhibits.  People were walking everywhere from their cars to go the fair.  It looked like they were excited to have a lot of fun there. 
            The road led us back to the main highway and back to our cottage.  This was one of those days that was lazy and unplanned mostly.  It was very enjoyable just to experience whatever came along as we went here and there and enjoyed the beauty and friendliness of the local communities. 
            “O Lord, Our Sovereign, how majestic is your name in all the earth!  You have set your glory above the heavens….When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have established; what are human beings that you are mindful of them, mortals that you care for them?  Yet you have made them a little lower than God, and crowed them with glory and honor.  You have given them dominion over the works of your hands;…O Lord, Our Sovereign, how majestic is your name in all the earth.”  (Psalm 8:1, 3-5, 9)


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