Thursday, August 21, 2014

Staying Cool in Parker's Cove

Hello once again from Parker's Cove, Nova Scotia, where every day begins in the 50s-60s and ends in the 70s.  Not trying to rub it in, but we are delightfully enjoying the cool weather.  The seafood is great too and we are having plenty of it.  I am writing daily in a journal and will print it out for you to read once I am back and settled in once again.

I am reading a lot, and am on my 5th book so far, this one a large new biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer that I think will lead to my presenting something about him in the fall.

I appreciate your prayers.  We have a little over a week here and then will begin our week long drive back home.  We leave here on Aug 31 and will drive through Maine, taking a day to look over the Maine coast, and then down through Mass, CT, NY, PA, VA, TN, AL, LA and then back to Texas.  We will have cell phone service again on Aug 31 once we have crossed into the US.  We are not using it here as it is very expensive per minute.  We are using precharged calling cards instead.

We have not seen television in almost 3 weeks and do not miss the daily dose of bad news.  We have not seen the weather either so if you hear that a hurricane is heading our way, call and warn us.  We hear a French radio station with a great mix of music and an English station that gives mainly Canadian news.

We are going to Cape Breton Island tomorrow for a night there to hear some Scottish music.  They have these concerts where they play the fiddle, guitar, and other instruments and sing traditional Celtic music.  We want to attend one at the Red Shoe Pub in Mabou.  Look it up if you have internet and you can see the music we will hear on Friday night.

Grace and Peace
Jerry and Doris

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