Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sabbatical Journal, Day Eighteen


            When I awoke this morning and started the coffee maker to brew, I looked out the window facing the east to see the sky aglow with the most beautiful copper color hanging over Parker Mountain.  The sun had not risen above the mountain but the sky was beginning to brighten making the color of the sky copper and the bay blue.  We had coffee inside but then sat on the porch watching the sun rise in the sky until finally it was directly in front of us and too bright to keep in view. 
            Today was a day to do chores.  Washing needed to be done so we washed clothes here and took them to Digby to dry in the Laundromat there.  Before going to Digby, though, we stopped at the Wednesday Farmer’s Market in Annapolis Royal and bought some vegetables from a local farmer—green beans, Swiss chard, a butternut squash, and some fresh basil.  The market was alive with booths selling crafts, bread, and vegetables.  A man was playing the guitar and singing oldies that most people were singing along with.  Our dog Bo made a big impression once again and we made many friends who wanted to come up and pet him and talk to us about him. 
            Soon we were off to Digby to do the laundry but first we stopped at a roadside stand and bought fish and chips to have in the city park in Digby that is near the docks overlooking the bay.  There once was a seafood market with a restaurant that sold seafood dinners at the docks but it has closed.  The park is very pretty with hanging baskets containing flowers here and there.  A gazebo with a picnic table is in the park as well as other tables.  We took our lunch to the gazebo to eat and a stray yellow cat joined us.  I threw him a bite or fish now and then to get him to wander away from us so that Bo would not want to bark at him. 
            Using the dryers at the laundry is a fairly familiar chore and can be boring but we usually meet interesting people to talk with while we are drying the clothes.  Last week we met a German family that had immigrated to Nova Scotia a few years ago.  They spoke English well and we had a great conversation learning much about each other.  We also met a retired couple who lived in Nova Scotia in the summer but spent winters in South Carolina.  They were living in their camper while a new condo development was being built where they would soon spend their summers.  Today, there was a family from Ontario in the Laundromat while we were there but they did not seem to be in a talkative mood so we just dried and left soon. 
            Returning to our cottage we put away the clothes we had dried and sat on the porch with coffee and cookies looking at the bay.  It seems we never get tired of that view.  One never knows what one will see when you watch the birds flying back and forth.  This morning we saw a bald eagle sitting on the pier when we first went out after coffee time.  He sat there proudly for a while and then just flew away to a nearby tree and then vanished.  As we were looking for him in a tree using our binoculars, we saw a large brown bird in a neighboring tree and watched it closely until finally it flew into the harbor and began chasing other birds.  It was an osprey or hawk of some kind and was trying to catch a seagull or cormorant for breakfast.  Luckily for them, they all joined forces and began flying around in circles trying to distract him and he was never fast enough to catch one of them.  Two cormorants in the water ducked down just as he was swooping toward them in the water, avoiding being catch in his sharp claws.  He finally gave up and flew away to parts unknown.  Our afternoon bird watching was very mild with birds just lined up on the rocks having their siesta it seemed. 
            We decided to drive down Shore Road to a cove we had visited last Saturday named Hampden Cove.  Since it was low tide we thought we may find some rocks or shells that we could collect.  The beach on the cove was covered with rocks of every size but no shells.  It is not very good to walk on as there is no sand, only rocks everywhere, so walking on it takes some concentration if you do not want to fall.  We collected some rocks that looked different to take home with us.  We visited with a few others who were there doing the same things. 
            After we had dinner we sat on the porch and watched the sun go down.  The sunset tonight was really beautiful once again as it was yesterday.  The sky was aglow with orange and blue colors and the sun seemed to sink slowly into the bay.  It has been a very relaxing and satisfying day.  Even in the chores of everyday existence, meaning can be found in doing them as we seek it in those with whom we interact and the beauty of nature that is always present. 
            “Let them praise the name of the Lord, for his name is exalted; is glory above earth and heaven.” (Psalm 148:13)

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