Saturday, July 2, 2011

General Synod 28--Post Two

Yesterday was a fast and furious day.  The day began slowly but then we met to discuss the resolutions up for adoption at this Synod.  I attended the one assigned to me that has to do with adoption rights for all persons and after two hours we had discussed the subject thoroughly.  We will meet again on Sunday morning to rehash and reword the proposal before it is presented to the delegates for action.  The final draft will be given after our meeting on Sunday. 

Business sessions then began and we were led through the voting process since we are using electronic voting this year.  A few snags happened and that made the process a bit slower but hopefully those were ironed out.  Actually voting on the resolutions does not begin until Monday.  We heard speeches from two candidates for officers in the UCC and then last night had a fantastic worship service.  It has been an inspirational meeting so far.

Today is called Suncoast Saturday and we will have a variety of speakers and musicians to hear.  An evening worship service will wrap things up.  I will blog tomorrow again and let you know more about Synod.  We do hear the motto of the UCC a lot...."Whoever you are, wherever you are on the journey of life, you are welcome in the United Church of Christ."

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